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The Original History of Shisha Tobacco

Origin of Shisha Tobacco

The Original History of Shisha Tobacco in Modern World. Hookah pipes have been around in one form or another for over 500 years, but the shisha tobacco that we enjoy so much today isn’t as old as you might expect. In this month’s blog article, we explore the origins of the tobacco plant, early (unflavored) […]

Hookah Lifelong: How Long Does A Hookah Last?

The ancient question that scholars and philosophers have discussed and debated for thousands, nay, MILLIONS of years: How long does a hookah last? Okay, so maybe it hasn’t been discussed for millions of years, but it’s definitely something we get asked relatively consistently so we’re here to help do our best to answer it! So…how […]

Heat Management Device or HMD?

Heat Management Devices (or HMD’s) have been on the hookah scene since roughly 2013 and have quickly become some of the most in demand accessories on the market. Over the last few years these devices have expanded and evolved resulting in several unique designs that may appeal to different types of smokers. Today we’re going to cover […]