Heat Management Device or HMD?

Heat Management Devices (or HMD’s) have been on the hookah scene since roughly 2013 and have quickly become some of the most in demand accessories on the market.

Over the last few years these devices have expanded and evolved resulting in several unique designs that may appeal to different types of smokers. Today we’re going to cover what an HMD is, highlight some of the most popular HMD’s on the market, and hopefully help you to decide which one fits your smoking style the best. 

HMD’s are very useful accessories that will either completely replace the foil on top of your bowl or, in some cases, may work in conjunction with your foil to help manage the amount of heat being transferred from your charcoal to your shisha tobacco. This allows you to have more control on how your hookah smokes and also makes it much easier to keep your charcoal and ash contained during the smoking session.