ShishaDoctor ® 1 Handle Heat Management System


ShishaDoctor ® 1 Handle Hookah Bowl Coal Holder Head Pot for Shisha Hookah Shisha Charcoal Heat Management System Water Pipe Tobacco Smoking Narghil.

  • ★ – With a handle, never let your hands burn. It is a clever thermal management system designed and developed to regulate the heat transfer coal steam to tobacco.
  • ★ – It eliminates the need of a sheet of aluminum.
  • ★ – It greatly reducing the amount of ash, Particulate matter (steam, and the chemical passing through the tobacco products, offering a tasty experience smoother, cleaner, and more of your shisha pipe.
  • ★ – It not only helps start your Shisha session as fast as possible but also extends the length of your session.
  • ★ – Perfect Heat Management

The design makes it possible to place tobacco virtually at the same time ensuring uniformly heated tobacco. Use environmental protection materials. The glass material make sure it will not product anything chemical-toxic element during the use process. harmless and safety. The heat management system included allows for a tasteful session without the flavour burning rapidly as coals are not placed directly onto the foi.