Mera Instant Starting Coals 80 Pack


Mera charcoal is one of the highest quality instant light shisha charcoal products. The Mera discs ignite with a lighter in around 10 seconds and burn with almost no smoke at all and are virtually odourless. It improves the quality of your shisha smoking experience using Mera charcoal. Mera coal is very clean and very fast to ignite, around 10 seconds and the coal is glowing red. You will find Mera the cleanest instant light you have ever tried.

Warning: When the Mera charcoal disc has been ignited, do not touch it with your skin, because it will cause a burn to the body. Never throw away the ash remains in a waste paper basket or dustbin, as this could cause a fire. To avoid amy injuries, you should use a pair of shisha coal tongs to hold the charcoal, you must never hold the disc in your hand when igniting or when ignited.