Mazaya 5 Pack Disposable Shisha Healthy Hose 160cm


Mazaya 5 Pack Disposable Shisha Healthy Hose 160CM for Shisha Nargile Water Hose Pipe (Red. This item consists of 5x Disposable hoses This product is compatible with various hookahs such as the following: 1. Khalil Mamoon 2. Mya 3. AL Bashrahwiya Wooden 4. Pharaohs 5. Mazaya 6. Starbuzz This disposable hose offers a more hygenic approach to hookah and limits the build up of rust, dust within the hose. All items are packed individually in order to ensure maximum hygiene.

  • The Mazaya Disposable Hookah Hose is 64 inches long.
  • The handle is wrapped in a beautiful Out of This World design for easy grip.
  • It is durable enough for multiple sessions and it wont rust.
  • The inner lining of the hose is made of a washable and flexible type material, making it extremely easy to clean and will last you an untold amount of time
  • The diameter and thickness of the hose is large allowing for great air flow and thick smooth clouds


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