Khalil Mamoon Ice General Hookah


Stand at attention and salute the Khalil Mamoon Ice General, one of the most ornate and beautiful hookahs ever produced. With a ton of great features, the Ice General is sure to wow you time after time. The Ice General stands an imposing 31 inches tall, from the gigantic ice chamber that keeps your smoke nice and chilled, down to the base with its sweet Egyptian design and frosted colors. At the center of the Ice General’s gorgeous design is a decorative orb that adorns the hand-lathed stem. The orb features Egyptian pharaoh masks staring off in each direction, the ever-vigilant sentinels of your hookah session.

The Khalil Mamoon Ice General also includes a 72″ long Khalil Mamoon hose, tray, Egyptian clay bowl, and other necessary accessories. If you’re on a quest for a four-star hookah, look no further than the Ice General – the General Patton of the hookah world.