How to restore Brass & Stainless Steel Metal Hookah Pipes?

Here at Hookah-Shisha we see our fair share of hookah styles of all makes and models. The variety of hookahs that have come through our doors over the years is pretty incredible.

I bought my first hookah with Hookah-Shisha, and I’ve had my job here for almost ten years.

It’s always exciting to see what new products come into the market, and in the early days it was really fun to look at older discontinued models or prototypes which never made it.

I came across an old, brass Syrian-style hookah I salvaged years ago. I thought it would not only be interesting to restore it but also a good insight to share how to do so.

Have you seen random hookahs at garage sales or has someone given you one they found?

Maybe you’ve started your own collection and some have sat for a while but would clean up well. Here I’ll show you the process of restoring my brass hookah and also some handy tricks and tools you can use to restore or clean up your other types of hookahs.